Veganism is not just about dietary options, it is a lifestyle. Incorporating veganism into your life can be trickier than you think. Vegan food and drinks are fairly easy to get in most parts of the world. However, vegan skincare is still relatively scarce. Don’t be discouraged! As we gathered information from vegans around the world, we managed to find the best vegan skincare routine and products you can try.


1. Wash your face with soap once a day

Washing your face is the most crucial part of any routine, including a vegan skincare routine. If you don’t do this part properly, everything else you do will not work as well as it is supposed to. Unlike hands and most parts of our body, washing face with soap too often is not a good idea. It is highly recommended to use face wash only once a day at night before you go to bed. Too much face washing with soap will trigger dryness or worse, more sebum production. If you need to wash your face more than once, just use water and clean thoroughly as you would with soap.


2. Adjust the water temperature

Believe it or not, the temperature of water you use to wash your face is crucial. Hot water opens up your pores. While cold water makes your face tighter and fresher. This does not necessarily mean hot water is bad. Both are great, depending on your purpose. For a simple daily routine, try the following steps:

  • Turn on the faucet and wash your face under warm water while massaging it softly
  • Then, turn it off and apply the face wash
  • Repeat the massage, this time with the skincare product
  • Turn the faucet back on, this time on cold water
  • Check the temperature with your hand
  • Once it is cold enough, rinse your face clean under running water

This way, your face will absorb all the good things your skincare has. It is important to end every skincare routine with cold water. This last step will make sure your pores are shut and safe from dirt and bacteria.


3. Apply vitamins and moisturizers right after washing

As your face is super clean right after washing, it is the best time to let it absorb extra nutrition. Apply vitamins or moisturizers, depending on your skin type. Try Awake Human natural face cream for every skin type. This company is committed to 100% vegan formulations, never tested on animals.  The mousse-like texture helps your skin absorb it faster and better. Some customers claim that it is also great as a makeup base.

There are many kinds of face vitamins out there, available in many forms. Before buying any, consider your daily routine. Creamy moisturizer works the best to hydrate, but it is not suitable for active people that sweat a lot. Lighter cream or liquid form will be more preferable.


4. Scrubs are only for lazy days

Do not make face scrubs a part of your daily vegan skincare routine. The granules in face scrubs will open up your pores. Doing this too often will make your pores stretched too much. When this happens, you can say goodbye to smooth skin. Scrubs are a once-a-week thing, or twice at most. And do not use scrubs if you are planning to do plenty of outdoor activities later that day. We highly recommend you to use face scrubs on one of your lazy days, when you don’t even have to leave the house or do anything much. The key is not to expose your freshly-scrubbed face to dirt, sweat, and bacteria.

Previse, a US plant-based skincare brand, has a range of zero fragrance products. Dermatologists design Previse’s products to suit sensitive skin types. The Previse Botanical Scrub is made of fossilized algae and jojoba exfoliator. You can use it on its own or mix it with your face washing skincare.


5. Apply eye gels and face masks at least once a week

Eye gels and face masks are great additions to your daily vegan skincare routine. Unlike face wash and scrub, you need to leave your face masks on up to 30 minutes. So before you apply them, make sure you have all the time in the world to wait for it to dries naturally. We recommend you add this into your lazy day skincare routine, after scrubbing your face clean. As scrubbing helps open up your pores, the benefits from your face mask will be optimized!


6. The serum is best to apply at night

When you’re asleep, your body takes it time to absorb all the nutrition you have given throughout the day. That is why we recommend using an overnight serum or overnight mask. These types of skincare should be applied a few minutes before you go to bed. Just leave them on and let them do their magic! You will notice a big difference when you wake up!


7. Dab, don’t smear

Due to their quality and scarcity, vegan skincare products are relatively more expensive than the regular ones. You don’t want to waste your expensive products by smearing them on your face, as you might end up having to wipe them off your fingers. The best way is to apply them bit by bit. Put or take a little bit using the tips of your middle and pointing fingers. Then, gently dab it on your face. Besides avoiding over-applying, this also gives a little pressure your face needs to absorb the products better.


Vegan skincare products are great for many reasons. First of all, they are made of natural ingredients. Everything natural is good for your skin. Second of all, they do not use animal products and are cruelty-free! Feeling good about yourself is a great way to start your skincare routine.

With these 7 things in mind, your face will feel and look amazing in no time. Before you start our vegan skincare routine, take a photo of your face. Then, after a week or two, take another photo to see the result. Ready to feel the difference?



Maya E.

Founder of EVSK