I don’t exactly remember the event or time when I made a decision to start my Vegan Journey.

But one thing I still truly remember like it was yesterday: I grow up in Eastern Europe. Moved to US when I was 21. I still remember my first grocery shopping, and “organic food aisle”. This was in California, early 2000. It didn’t make any sense to me, why would it be separated? Isn’t all food considered “organic”?

And before you think how naive I was, in my defense it wasn’t my twenties talking, it was the place where I grew up. Everything about it and around me was natural, organic, and home made for the most part. So, I did what every 21 year old, who just started a new life chapter would do. Go for the cheapest and most affordable option.

Until everything started to change: my weight, my skin, my mood, my sleep, my cravings.Everyone around me taught it had to do with all the changes, and adjustments to new climate, culture, people, time zone, stress level… But I was happy, busy with my new life, fulfilled and couldn’t relate to any of these reasons.

I wish I can say, right then and there I have realized that my unbalanced life was coming from inside out, but it didn’t happen. Not until four years later when, totally unplanned, I found myself attending 2- day seminar about body and mind detox, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean during my 7- day Cruise trip. And this simple decision changed everything for me.

It triggered all this questions, reasons behind everything, and so much more. I felt a strong urge and passion to change things drastically. It was almost like connecting my mind with a whole new world, and I couldn’t wait to read and learn everything about it.

Today, I can say I am at the place in my life where I feel great about everything. This doesn’t mean that everything about my skin, my shape and my look is great. But I have found my Balance, and this is all I wish for every single one of you. This is my way of sharing what I have learned, and how I have found a way to protect my body, my mind and my internal peace from the cruel and not completely honest system we live in.

They say it is not hard to make a decision, when you know what your values are. I hope this blog helps you find some answers, and help us all to Make This World A Better Place, for Us, Our Planet, and Our Animals.

I am vegan for the animals, for the earth, and for my health. Would You join me as well?

Our mission

Our mission is to motivate, educate and support you on your journey to more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Your skin is your largest organ, and it has a memory. In years from now it will show results of the choices you make today.

It is a small step every day that makes you think, embrace, understand and relate with a big goal. We are here to MOTIVATE you in taking that step.

Our most powerful weapon to make the world a better place, is EDUCATION. We want to be your platform to learn, connect and evolve.

The moment you make healthier choices for you, you set a stage to SUPPORT a person next to you.

So…. Our Mission….. Let’s Get To Each Other, Save Our Planet and Protect Our Bodies.

Why Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Because, we should be Kind to every KIND!