For the purpose of this article, we are going to consider cruelty free and vegan in its entirety first. We are then going to answer the question this article asks, proper.

Cruelty-free is actually a term generally used to classify products that are not harmful to animals. They are products that cannot kill animals anywhere in the world. These kinds f products are also then referred to as Vegan, as they do not use animal skin but resort to synthetic means of production.

If you are of the opinion that the cruelty-free and vegan brands of make up are not stable ones in today’s market, you should rethink this statement. In fact, ethical beauty is big news and show no sign of going down the trend soon, due to worthy reasons at that. If you are just making up the plans to start with ethical beauty or you have before but just want a step up, this guide is just perfect for you.

We are going to then differentiate for you cruelty-free and vegan makeup. Why is this important?

It is because you can have a vegan brand that is not cruelty-free and also a cruelty free that is not vegan. So, we are going to give you in-depth details so you can know what exactly it is you are looking whenever it comes to these two ethical beauty brands.

First, let us get to Vegan brands. The simple and plain definition of this brand is that they do not employ animal by-products in their production. An animal by-product can be a supplement or extract from an animal or the animal itself. So if you are talking about a vegan lipstick brand, it would not utilize beeswax, a byproduct of bees. When we are then talking about vegan products, they purely do not utilize animal byproducts in their production. Also, note the fact that a vegan product is tested on an animal does not mean it is not vegan. As long as it does not utilize any animal by-product, even though it tested on an animal, it still retains its vegan status.

Now, cruelty free brands. These brands would not have been tested on animals or made use of animal by products in their production to ascertain this status. These are the kind of products that are PETA standard, they do not have animals in any form or way. But, take note of the fact that there are some brands that the law requires to be tested on animals, these are then not 100% cruelty-free.

When we are then discussing and taking into note the cruelty-free and vegan brands, there are some animal by-products we should take into consideration. You would agree with me that many products and makeup brands might claim that they are vegan or cruelty-free brands but in the actual sense, they are not.

So, how then can you decipher the true vegan and cruelty-free make up brands? We would give you an animal by-products that do not depict such 100% vegan and cruelty-free brands

Collagen. This is an animal by-product that is used to suppress anti – aging effects. This is due to the pumping and firming effects it has. In order to get the protein from animals, the animal tissue is dug into or more so, their bones. So, definitely, it is not vegan friendly!

This product is one by-product that is used for anti – aging. The reason why I exposed you to this product is because it is its inclusion that necessitates the best type of anti aging products.

When we talk about the best anti aging products of synthetic type, I would advise you to go for the vegan type of anti aging skin products. Why? It is only in Vegan skin care products that collagen might be added. We said earlier that cruelty free products are totally 100% free of animal by-products. They do not employ any animal supplement in production. It is only vegan products that might add collagen, an anti aging supplement from animal bones to their anti aging skin care products. If you are to go for effectiveness, it is vegan anti aging products.

In addition to the advantage of vegan anti aging skin care, it has supplements and compositions in it’s skin care products that makes it better than those of cruelty-free. The composition of vegan anti aging products include natural leaves and oil supplements which keeps your skin fresh and glowing.

How do vegan anti aging products work? They release the supplements of the natural oils and leaves into the epidermal and endodermal of your skin gradually. In this process, spoil and worn-out tissues of your skin are repaired and replaced to give your skin a smooth feel and look. There are some anti aging products of vegan type that I would recommend:


Derma E;

100% pure;

Meow meow tweet;




Pai skincare;

Skyn iceland and others.

Let me take Vegan Pai skincare, for example, Concentrated on those with touchy skin, Pai Skincare is an eco-accommodating London-based brand that utilizes just economical plant fixings and recyclable, biodegradable bundling at whatever point conceivable. Perfect for those with flaw inclined sensitivities or conditions, for example, skin inflammation, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis, Pai offers chemicals, exfoliators, veils, serums, and toners, in addition to a large group of body care things. You can likewise discover items for kids and children that are liberated from petrochemicals, basic oils, and other normal aggravations.

We have stated clearly what vegan and cruelty free products are. We then delved to their anti aging skincare lines. We were then able to ascertain the fact that vegan anti again is the best.