A lot of people prefer to stay away from a product once they realize that the company is a non-cruelty free one. The major reason is the brutal process that might be involved in the process of animal testing. Although it might be for a good reason to try and avoid allergies or reactions when the products are applied on the skin or in their appropriately uses, animal testing cannot be justified. Some of the animals that are used during the testing process will be exposed to physical and mental suffering. In other cases, animals have to be killed in order to examine the impact of certain ingredients or products on their body. There are many organizations that include animal testing in their operations. Some of these include the cosmetics industry, industries that base on cleaning products, and the beauty industry. This practice not only exploits animals, but can also result in heavy poaching, and over the years some animals become endangered as their population decreases massively. In this article, we are going to look at ways that can be used to stop animal testing.

1. Make it a habit to purchase cruelty-free products

When it comes to purchasing products, it does not all rely on how good the product is. You also need to take into account other factors that accompany that product. No matter how big a brand is, what makes it that big are the customers. This means that the number of loyal customers to a certain brand is what determines the size of that brand. Therefore, it always starts with an individual to stand up against animal brutality. And, at the end of the day, if the number of people who refrain from buying non-cruelty free products increases significantly, the brand will be forced to change its policies. Besides, there is no point in producing things that no one will buy. Hence, in order for companies to take the issue of not testing on animals seriously, it all begins with you. Make it a habit to opt for cruelty-free products until your favorite brand stops animal testing.

2. Educate others

The fact that you are well aware of the fact that some companies perform animal testing before releasing their products on the market does not mean that everyone know. This means that you will have to inform other people to stay away from the products that do not come with the cruelty-free logo from certified organizations. Examples of these organizations are Leaping Bunny, Beauty without Bunnies which is PETA’s cruelty-free certification program, and Choose Cruelty-Free. It is also important to be aware of the fact that not all certified companies will contain a cruelty-free logo on their packaging as not every company can afford the licensing fee that is required to use the logo. Nevertheless, any company that has been declared to be cruelty-free will always possess a related certification from any of these organizations. Thus, it is important to do your research and not forget to educate others to keep an eye out for non-cruelty free products.

3. Be aware of the donations you make

There are many charities that go about looking for donations in order to solve crucial life problems such as finding a cure for a certain disease. It is highly important to be aware of the donations you make. Before making a donation for a cause that involves finding cures, you need to know about the operations that are going to be involved in carrying out the process. The fact is that you could be paying money to encourage the brutal torture of animals. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always donate to those charities that have cruelty free policies in place. This way, the fight against animal testing can be successful.

4. Donate your body to science after you die

The main reason why scientists end up testing on animals is that it is the only way they can go about certain distinct experiments. Therefore, you can always consider leaving your body for doctors, scientists and medical students to carry out their tests using it instead of resorting to animal brutality. This will also enable you to reduce and fight against animal testing even after your death. If a good number of people leave their bodies for science, this will significantly reduce the need to hurt animals in various experiments.

5. Launch a campaign

If you have the resources and the capability, you can always launch cruelty-free campaigns. Launching a campaign does not mean you have to be violent in any way. There are many ways you can achieve your goal. For instance, you can incorporate a day of the month which you used to hand out brochures and education materials that advocate against animal testing and brutality. In addition, you can always make sure to maximize social media platforms by constantly reminding people to speak against animal testing. You can even create pages that base mainly on talking about how people should be conscious about animal testing. Raise your voice against any activities that may involve animal bisection including some educational activities. Encourage people to say no whenever they find themselves in situations where they are asked to do such activities. That way, the fight against animal testing will be fruitful.


In summary, even if animal testing continues, some of the harmful impacts of products can not be fully eliminated. This is because the makeup of animals and humans is very different. Hence, what might prove to not affect animals during the testing process can result in harmful effects on humans. On top of that, animal testing violates animal rights. Therefore, make it your responsibility to speak up against animal testing and brutality.