There are various reasons why companies can opt to test their products on animals first before releasing them to the market. For instance, a company can be a newly found one, and in order for it to be allowed to join the market, it has to prove that its products are not by any chance harmful. In this day and age, there is still a good amount of companies that still test their products on animals.

Most firms facilitate the testing process themselves, or they get the help of other people to do the testing on their behalf. Examples of products that can require testing are, dental products, skincare products, make up, cleaning products, laundry products, kitchen products, and body care products including deodorants. There are also various companies that still indulge in product testing as they introduce new things to the market. Some of these brands are Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, Protector & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Clorox, and Bayer, etc. Let us look at some of these examples and also review some of their main non-cruelty free products.

1. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson still perform certain animal tests on a wide range of its products to meet government testing standards. For instance, it performs tests on its band-aids to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that may affect consumers as they utilize them. Other examples of products that Johnson & Johnson perform tests using animals are skincare products, hair care products, and baby items.

2. Church & Dwight

The Church and Dwight Company focus on the production of many things including condoms. For example, the Trojan condom which is mainly used by a large population in America is not an animal cruelty-free product. The Trojan condom is mainly popular for how it is friendly for vegans to use since it does not involve any animal by-products.

3. Protector  & Gamble

This company focuses on many brands including Pampers. Pampers are tested on the skin of animals to find out if they trigger any allergies and in some cases, the animals are made to ingest the chemicals incorporated in the manufacture of these diapers.

4. Colgate or Palmolive

This parent company is not only involved in the production of dental products, but it is also responsible for the manufacturing of pet products like pet food. These products are tested on dogs or cats before they are released on the market. Other tests are also performed on other animals besides dogs and pets. In addition, the firm also tests its dental products on animals.

5. Chanel

This company tests its ingredients or final products on various animals as part of their production process. The firm mainly focuses on the production of perfumes and deodorants. Although some of its products such as Eau de Parfum are flexible to be used by vegans, they are not cruelty-free.

6. Nivea

Nivea is also one such company that still performs animal tests for its products. The reason is because of its sales in mainland China where animal testing is an obligation. The company mainly focuses on the production of beauty care and skin care products.

7. Unilever

Unilever deals in the production of many products and brands such as Dove soaps, Lipton, Slim-Fast, and Axe. In addition, it is also the company that produces all the Vaseline products. These beauty products are tested on animals in order to make sure that they are safe for human use. Vaseline deals in the manufacture of various skincare products including lotions and face creams. In addition, the Ponds brand is known to not be cruelty-free.

8. Victoria’s secret

The main reason why Victoria’s secret started testing on animals is because of its expansion to China which required the company to perform tests on its products first. The main products that Victoria secret tests on animals are its wide range of perfumes.

9. Mars

Animal product testing can even stretch to the food we consume. The Mars company that mainly focuses on food and owns Snickers and Twix for instance, performs tests on rats to see how their products affect the human body.

10. S. C. Johnson and Son

The S. C. Johnson and Son Company also makes it to the list of companies that perform tests on animals on this day. An example of a product that it rests on animals includes the famous Windex glass cleaner. The product is tested on animal eyes and skin to ensure that there are no irritation effects. This S.C. Johnson and Son also test the effects of ingesting this product. In addition, other products that the firm tests on animals are Glade and Pledge.

11. Kimberly-Clark

This company tries to limit its product animal testing. However, it is at times guilty of performing tests when it has to. An example of a brand that it involves in the process is Kleenex which focuses on the production of facial and bathroom tissues, tampons, diapers, and paper towels. Other brands that the company owns are Cottonelle products, Scott, Huggies, and Kotex.


L’Oréal is an example of another company that directly make sales in mainland China where animal testing is required by the law. The company mainly focuses on making makeup products, perfumes, skincare products, and hair products. 


In conclusion, some brands can claim to be cruelty-free while in actual fact they are not. The main reasons that classify firms as being non-cruelty free are, when a company involves itself in animal testing directly or when the suppliers of the company’s products perform tests on animals. Other reasons are, when a company makes sales to mainland China or when a company specifies in its terms that it performs tests when obligated by the law to do so.